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Pro Football Talk Week 10 Rumors

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Pro Football Talk Week 10 Rumors

Post  ThisHero on 9/20/2010, 4:07 am

+ Adam Schefter has received insider information that the Owners and Players Association are close to striking a new labor agreement which would prevent a Year VIII lockout. Indications are that Owners would receive ten points for cutting 90+ OVR players, five points for cutting 80-89 OVR players, and 2 points for cutting 70-79 OVR players. In return, the Players Association has demanded an extra year tacked on to every blockbuster contract. Look for both sides to reach an agreement by the end of the season.

+ Jon Clayton reports that TorVic, Albaholic, and SavBot are three of the four players rumored to be promoted to the Premiere League at the end of the season.

+ Look for the 49ers to pursue a veteran quarterback in the off-season if they are unable to acquire a capable rookie in the draft. Team officials have publicly supported Alex Smith thus far, but privately have begun making contingency plans for the off-season.

+ League sources tell us KillNu25 may have permanently wasted his chance to join the Premiere League after his abysmal performance this season. Many pundits predicated a weak showing from the boy-wonder without a stacked roster, and thus far their suspicions have proved correct. Short of a miraculous playoff run, look for the HFL to shoot down any bids to join the Premiere League next season.

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