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HFL Vegas Lines: Week 3

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HFL Vegas Lines: Week 3

Post  ThisHero on 9/3/2010, 7:22 am

* Favorites are in CAPITAL LETTERS *
Denotes Game of the Week
Denotes Secondary Game of the Week

BUFFALO at Boston: -2½
Detroit at MINNESOTA: -8
PITTSBURGH at Tampa Bay: -2½
TENNESSEE at New York: -11
SAN FRANCISCO at Kansas City: -15
CINCINNATI at Carolina: -10½
DALLAS at Houston: 23
Cleveland at BALTIMORE: 2½
Atlanta at NEW ORLEANS: -21½
PHILADELPHIA at Jacksonville: -16
Indianapolis at DENVER: -7½
SAN DIEGO at Seattle: -5
OAKLAND at Arizona: -4
New Jersey at MIAMI: -2½
GREEN BAY at Chicago: -9½

Your track record against the spread is a factor in the power rankings. If you're a dog, think of losing the game but beating the spread as kicking a field goal instead of scoring a touchdown. If you're a favorite, you need to win AND cover the spread i.e. win by more than you are favored by.

"This is an NFC football. It throws better. It catches better. It kicks better. This is an NFC football." — Don Draper

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