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Madden 11: AFC vs NFC

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Madden 11: AFC vs NFC

Post  ThisHero on 8/23/2010, 12:58 am

The biggest addition to the HFL for Madden 11 is the introduction of two separate conferences. The AFC and NFC will now be segerated. How so?

The NFC: The Premiere League.
- Entry into the Premiere League is INVITE ONLY. The cream of the crop plays in the NFC.
- You MUST have your own X-Box in order to play in the NFC.
- NFC users may not miss more than one User vs User game per season. If you want to play in the NFC, you MUST play your games (does not apply to User vs Computer games). This is why having your own X-Box is mandatory. If you know you will be unable to play a game, you should exit the franchise so the other user can play the computer. If you do this, you will not be penalized for missing a game. You can immediately rejoin the franchise as soon as possible.
- Premiere League players can be demoted to the AFC if they miss too many games, are accused of playing dirty/cheap, or are not performing at a high enough standard.

The AFC: The "Mickey Mouse" League.
- Users WITHOUT an X-Box may not leave the AFC.
- First-year users must earn their stripes in the AFC. If that user displays superior talent, they will be invited to play in the NFC. If they accept, that user can bring his players to the NFC team he chooses to control.
- Users in the AFC are granted a limited amount of autonomy, meaning they are free to vote on rules they want to play by. The AFC may NOT vote on rules that affect the entire league, such as trade limits.

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